Yoruba Indigo Tye-Dye Cloth


Indigo tye-dye Yoruba cloth.
By Kronbali.
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Indigo Yoruba cloth from Nigeria, made of narrow strips which are sewn together to make a whole cloth, then hand-dyed in indigo. This piece makes a beautiful bed or couch throw, table cloth, beach blanket, or it can be worn as a shawl.
To make the Yoruba textile, strips of cloth are folded into several narrow pleats that are then bound together. The folds and the binding resist the indigo dye to produce a cross-hatched effect. Another very popular tie-dyeing technique in Nigeria is to paint freehand with starch before dyeing in indigo in order to resist the dye.

Material: cotton and indigo.
Origin: Nigeria.
Epoch: vintage.
Length: 148 cm
Width: 106 cm
Care: Hand or machine wash in cold water and hang dry.
Note: This piece has been hand washed with non-toxic fabric soap.

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Dimensions 148 × 106 cm