Juju Hat – Olive Green


The juju hat, a traditional feather headdress, makes a stunning and eye catching wall decor, either on its own or in a cluster.
Diameter: 75 cm
This juju hat color was created by Kronbali for Ritual Interiors.
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Traditionally called Tyn Hat, the headdress symbolises prosperity and is believed to possess the positive qualities of birds and the beauty as well as fragility of life.
It is worn by royal dancers during important ceremonies held by the tribal chiefs of the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon.


Color: Olive Green.
Material: dyed chicken feathers, raffia woven base.
Origin: Cameroon.
Diameter: 75 cm
Care: Every so often a little blow drying keeps feathers dust free. Though the Juju Hats are treated before being shipped, we highly recommend treating them against moths every 3 months (as one would Cashmere and Wool) and not hanging them in direct sunlight as the color may fade.


When not in use, the headdress can be folded into a basket shape, taking up very little space, with the feathers neatly protected inside.


Shipped with directions on how to hang, all you’ll need is a nail and hammer.

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 75 cm