Ritual Interiors by Kronbali Ethnic Decor

“A single simple object can be a mediating force between the old and new, between art and the details of everyday life.”

Ganesh statue by Kronbali

Ritual Interiors is Sunshine, Jean-Marc and the extended family engendered by the encounters and friendships fostered over many years of traveling.
Together, and with our sister company Kronbali, we provide worldly treasures sourced for their aesthetic beauty, traditional craftsmanship and symbolic meaning.

Through Ritual Interiors, we share the talents of artisans from diverse cultures.
With men and women who are passionate about their land, traditions and skills, we create decorative objects that perfectly find their place in contemporary lifestyles, creating a modern and qualified aesthetic.

We believe that century-old traditions show how heritage holds within itself the keys to modernity

Wild white juju hat by Kronbali

With a penchant for traditional craftsmanship and objects invested with meaning, Ritual Interiors offers a unique blend of antique, vintage and contemporary home decor objects.

Our inventory is a constantly changing supply of one-of-a-kind and eclectic treasures sourced from around the world, off the beaten track, and carefully selected, piece by piece.

Our offerings include ethnic textiles, jewelry and tribal objects from India such as ritual ornaments and singing bowls from Ladakh, and West African traditional textiles, artifacts and Bamileke feather headdresses known as juju hats.

Decor and jewelry by Kronbali

We choose to work with the finest craftsmen, setting up long-term and fair collaborations with our suppliers.
For the past ten years, we have collaborated with the Bamileke people of Cameroon to promote the traditional juju hat.
This partnership began with our sister company, Kronbali, and has been and continues to be outstandingly successful.

We also pride ourselves on being open to creative collaborations with artisans closer to home.

To that end, we work with Quint by Design, whose unique bespoke furnishings and collage art pieces are truly one of a kind.

We aspire to work with other local craftsmen in the near future.