Intricate five-pronged vajra with four makara, plus a central prong.
By Kronbali.
Category: Decor, Ritual Objects

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The Vajra, also called by its Tibetan name, Dorje, is a ritual intrument representing the masculine force.
In Tibetan ritual, the Vajra often is used together with a bell. The Vajra is held in the left hand and represents the male principle, Upaya, action or means. The bell is held in the right hand and represents the female principle, Prajna, wisdom.
Combined with the Ghanta bell or not, the Vajra is a beautiful and highly symbolique addition to one’s temple.

Material: bronze.
Origin: Tibet.
Epoch: vintage.
Length : 12 cm
Width : 3 cm

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Dimensions 12 × 3 cm