Singing Bowl


Smooth light tuned singing bowl with a nice light brown wooden stick.
Ladakh, India.
By Kronbali.
Category: Decor, Ritual Objects

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Singing bowls are used as a support for meditation, trance-induction and prayer, as well as for relaxation, healthcare and personal well-being.
Traditionally used in Shamanic medicine of the Himalayas.
It is said that each person must manage to find seven singing bowls in a lifetime.
A very nice add to meditation rituals.

Material: mix of seven metals (Gold for the Sun, Silver for the Moon, Mercury for Mercury, Copper for Venus, Iron for Mars, Tin for Jupiter, Lead for Saturn).
Origin: Ladakh, India.
Epcoh: vintage.
Width: 14.5 cm
Height: 5 cm

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Dimensions 14.5 × 5 cm